Plant where your growing

Let’s stick together children of the Most High God!

This life can be hard and full of discouragement. Which is why we are to be a light to the world by bringing hope to a lost and dying world. None of us need to be doing this alone. The sad truth however is that many have no other choice but to go it alone.. This can be hard when you are willing to live by the rules of the world, let alone trying to live for the Lord all alone. If the past few years have taught us nothing else, it made us face facts. One of the truths I have found is plant where your growing. The Lord has never had a hard time forming sayings and stories that conveniently squeeze a large life lesson into small life sized bites. He was very good at this and if we take time to really read scripture we find this to be true over and over again. We as people have done the same throughout history as well. Since before the time of Jesus there have been countless philosophers pop up; Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, John Locke, Epicurus,  Zeno of Citium to name a few. I may be bias, but I find Jesus words to hold the most value.

There is a saying that floats on the winds of time; Grow where you are planted. Now, I can see why this saying has lasted after popping up. After all we should all try to grow where we are planted. Take time to learn anything and everything you can. Make good use of your time as I have said in previous posts. However, as I grow and mature, I have come to realize an important aspect of growth. That is the seeding out that happens for each plant on earth. Though different, they all have to go through a similar type of process. Dropping seeds of what we have learned about the Lord along the paths of life. For each of you this looks different. Some lessons I am happy the Lord spared me from, others I had to learn the hard way and yet others I listened when Jesus said no!

We all have grown up in this life with experiences that can only be understood if you have been through them, are currently going through them or you are living victorious in Christ. These seeds as we will call them, are what enable us to help others. We also have seeds in the form of knowledge that we have gained or experience we have. Pass that stuff on! If you have book knowledge find someone to teach it too, if you have trade skills and can tinker around on odds and ends at home, teach someone, if you can garden, clean a home, build a fire, cook a meal, change oil, etc… the list goes on! You would be amazed at the things people just don’t know or don’t know how to do. The Lord placed each of us in the location we are in to grow. Once we have acted like little children and learned all we could in that location or season of our lives, we are in turn suppose to teach others.

Kranky Karen (sorry all sweet Karen’s, Bob has been catching crud for years too!)

And don’t allow anyone to tell you that what you have to offer is not enough. Little is much when God is in it. Labor not for wealth or fame… as the old hymnal goes. We are to do all that we do as unto the Lord. Every experience counts. Every thing you learn counts! I promise you there is a girl or woman somewhere wishing they knew how to braid hair or do make up. Some boy or man wishing they knew how to change the blade in a beard trimmer or how to make business deal. God gave us all wells of knowledge to share with others. Seeds to sprinkle in a dark world. There are many of all ages that grew up without a mom or a dad. Some with little to no family at all. Everything you know can make a difference in someone else’s life. Everything! So don’t sell yourself short based off what the world calls valuable. Live in the truth that God has you exactly where He wants you. Trust His plan for your life and while your growing up in Christ don’t forget to sprinkle those seeds!

No one is to far gone to be used by God. Now it’s true that God does not need us, He will use anyone in anyway that He deems fit. However, being used by the Lord is a blessing that I wouldn’t trade for the world! You get to see first hand how Jesus can turn a method addicted into a loving, attentive wife and mother. An alcoholic father leaves the drink behind and dedicates their lives to Jesus and their families. In some other places deeper things like demons being cast out and persecuted brothers and sister world over being saved by Jesus and kept safe by Him. All because some decided to take what they had learned and share it with others. Both about the Lord and things they have learned. We are a wonderful people when abiding in Christ and keep His commandments. The peace that would be on the earth if we just lived life for Christ! I know this earth will not see that peace but there is coming a time when all the nations will be ruled by Christ and I personally can’t wait! No more flesh, no more devil, no more of this world! Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I am so very pleased with what God has seen fit to bless me with.

However, none of it matters. All this earth and the things of it will melt away. It’s all just vanity and dust. I highly recommend reading the book of Ecclesiastes, most scholars agree that it might have been written by Solomon in the later years of his life and he is still known today for his wisdom in both Christian and Secular opinions. Besides the book describing how all is vanity and to enjoy what we have, Jesus taught us to give freely of all that we have. Knowing that Christ will provide for His sheep.

Please share if this helped you and feel free to like and share! God bless you.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sprinkling some of your seeds onto us! I hope that I can take those seeds and grow with them and in turn share mine as well.

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  2. The gospel as Paul said in ROmans chapter 1- For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentiles
    Jesus can transform any life to his glory

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