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Just what do I mean by this… well after a long time of thought and prayer and venting to my husband about creepy Joe and his wonderful speech on the shortages that are going to be coming to America… It has come to this…

I think we are one of the only countries in the world that does not have a garden behind almost every home. Almost no one on average has farm animals of any kind and most don’t have more than three days of food in their homes on any given day. The how behind where we are today is a deep subject but in the end we are a match stick build country full of people that don’t know even half of what we did in the Great depression. The “powers that be” have worked diligently as the greater population slept. Now we are on the edge of financial collapse, supply chains for food and energy have been ship wreaked for one reason or another, (no one really knows but them), jobs will become rare as supplies in the country disappear and American families will once again be faced with loosing everything they have worked so hard to build. In the face of such terrible times our leader told Americans to sit tight and let them aka the government figure out what to do about feeding everyone. What the what!!! When this kind of thing was facing our country in times past the government was saying things like… go get some chickens and a cow, be good, contributing members of America and take care of your families, things are going to get hard… but now we have sit tight we got this?!? I am both sickened and horrified by what this means to the people that still think the news is truth and are listening to this nonsense! No! Don’t wait for them! Control the food, control the people!

February 2015 – thewartimekitchen.com

I don’t know what planning looks like for you. I can only speak for myself and my family but in my opinion pray first and give your fear to the Lord and lets get busy, there is work to do. Find seeds and plan your garden for this coming spring. Watch YouTube videos on things like; depression era cooking and food handling and storage. Plan on not being able to get what you need at the store and having to supply it for yourself. This is what we all should have been doing in the first place. For now, gather supplies for your home and plan for a cold winter. Plan for a garden, you have all winter to prepare for spring. As for us, we are building new houses for our rabbits and chickens, planning the garden and trying to put away food like never before. As prices around the world seem to be going up with no end in sight, just keep on keeping on. The Lord will do the rest!

Cheese and Meat Bandits?!?

The other day I learned that they are beginning to place security tabs on food. Yes, like the ones for electronics. Right now in the U.K and other countries, they are tabbing foods like butter, meat, baby formula and the like. Some stores in the US have begun this and other measures such as employing security guards to patrol the stores. My own Wal-Mart added cattle gates at the main doors. How they will be used has yet to be seen but they have them. I am trying really hard not to make this a passion piece about the food industry as a whole. How they have been poisoning us for a long time and in truly insidious ways. Yes, I have known about certain foods not being good for us but I mean really, It’s not like we become what we eat or anything. Eating is like breathing, we don’t have a choice, we have to do it or we die. However, we get sick if we don’t eat right and then we go to the doctor, who gives you medicine with worse side effects then what was actually ailing you in the first place. It’s a twisted web of lies and greed.

I know others will disagree with me but this deception runs so deep and is ultimately about control. However, “control” does not quite encompass what needs to be expressed. Satan is playing a dangerous game with the world and most are asleep and want to stay that way. The end game for him is and has always been the destruction of anything God loves or holds dear.

Who is responsible for what is happening or how it came about matters only because of historical value at this point. Unless the Lord comes and puts a stop to the nonsensical nonsense… what is coming will be very hard times. I pray some of you were wise and able to put things away like food, water, hygiene supplies, pet supplies and seeds!

That Will Never Happen Here…

Which leads me to my main point, things are getting really tough out there and just what are we supposed to do about it? We all have families and responsibilities that have to be cared for and maintained. What are we going to do when the food is hard to come by and we are faced with choices we never thought we would have to make. I read an article on Prephole.com, “How I survived a year of SHTF in 90’s Bosnia”. It really brings home the reality of how fast it can go bad and no one really saw it coming. I highly recommend reading it in light of current events going on in the world. If the main steam media is telling us things are getting bad, then it’s worse than that. Have you encountered hungry people at the restaurants that have to wait thirty extra minutes for their meal… frustration sets in and some get very angry… for having to wait! It’s crazy! Now, make food too expensive or not available at all… people are going to loose their minds! The people that went through this trial did not think they would be facing the thing they were facing, they had not penciled it on to the calendar. No, they woke up in trying times. I know that this story is a bit extreme and if you are prone to anxiety, read with caution.

This young man’s experience is harrowing… I can’t even imagine having to go through this, the choices I would be faced with and I am not naive, not everyone has the same heart, others will be willing to do things I would never dream of. I am not worried, I know that the Lord God is a mighty God and He will take care of His children. However, I don’t like being caught off guard by things so I would rather be prepared for things to come spiritually, mentally and physically. We are not promised tomorrow on the best of days and it looks like we had some bad ones coming.

There is so much fear being pumped into the world and I don’t mean to be one of the many voices but I just feel that not enough people are paying attention to what is transpiring around the world and I know not enough people understand just how quickly things can turn. No one in the 1920’s thought the dust bowl and war would happen but they did. No one that lived through Pearl Harbor thought they would be waking up to big booms but they did as well. The Jews never thought that they would be hunted down like they were and no one in Noah’s day thought it was going to rain and the waters from the deep were going to come up either. The list is endless of things no one thought would happen.

The thing is, we need to be rebels in this world! Be kind, smile and be busy all the time! Greet people when you see them and don’t live in fear. With the last few years behind us, people came out different. No one stands next to anyone, no one shakes hands or a warm hug upon seeing an old friend. Its sad. Don’t be afraid to be human because there may come a day when kindness really could be used against us and if we are not walking in the Spirit now, we wont be able to do it then.

First and foremost if you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, please consider listening to or reading the book of John followed by Romans in the Bible before making a final decision. I can’t say enough, hell was not made for us! Satan is a sore loser and desires to take as many of us to hell with him as he can. There are only two powers in this world and that is God and Satan if you get right down to it. In the end, no matter how bad things get on the earth, Jesus IS returning and He WILL put an end to all the evil that is in the world. The truth is we all bow the knee to something, self or God. Please search your heart and at least look into who Jesus REALLY is in history, both according to the Bible AND secular scholars! Watch the movie “The Case For Christ”… It’s every eye opening. I love you all very much and if you are reading this or listening to it on Spotify, then you were meant to. Just give it some thought. In the end it is between you and the good Lord as we all must give an account for the lives we lived here on earth. None of us are clean and all of us have fallen short of the glory of God. He just wants you to admit that and for you to seek out who God IS.

For my brothers and sisters, we need to be praying for our family and friends and ourselves. I say this more to myself than I do to anyone else. For the Lord to lend us His courage and boldness to face the days that are coming. For wisdom and discernment so we will know which direction to take. For our ears to be open and sensitive to the voice of the Shepard. Trimming our wicks and refreshing our love for the Lord. I know that the world is full of distractions and the devil is on the prowl seeking whom he may devour but this is not a time for the faint of heart! Remember, you were born for a time such as this. Nothing happens on accident and the word coincidence should be taken out of the dictionary, as it is a made up word, it does not exist. We need to have prayer knees that are bleeding, we need to be fasting and seeking the Lord with all of our hearts. Letting go of secret sin. Period. I don’t have answers on what this looks like for you. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and show you what is standing between you and Jesus. As we are learning in Bible study this week, pray without ceasing!

However, remember the Lord is in control of everything. I know for an unbeliever, this is hard to wrap ones mind around but I promise, He really does work all things for the good. We just need to trust in Him and allow Him to work all things out in His time. I know this can seem scarier to do then even facing what may be coming to our nation or to the country that you live in. For America, this is going to test us but I have faith in God to see us through it and faith in us as humans to come together when the time comes. I have seen humans do amazing things in the face of impossibility!

Also, Remember those around you and spend one on one time with your children and your spouse. Life is short and in a blink we are no longer looking at our children but instead our grandchildren and some truly blessed get to look into the faces of their great grandchildren but for each the truth is the same, we could have better spent our days. Let us each number our days and take stock of what is more important than even prepping for trials and that is each other. If we stop serving one another, we stop serving God. Let us go boldly into the days ahead knowing that the Lord cares for and directs our steps.

Come what may. Until next time, may you be filled with all the goodness of the Lord and may He cause His face to shine upon you! As always i love you all and please, stay peculiar!

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