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The Many faces of a woman

Hello and welcome into the peace and love of the Father! I thought about password protecting this one as well but I don’t plan on putting anything in this one that men don’t need to read and it is not adult oriented. If you’re a gentleman and would like to add a few thoughts below, please feel free to do so. On this topic, it’s my opinion that we should find out what good godly men have to say. What they say may surprise you… and if they say something negative, well the Lord said we shall know them by their fruits… so, there is that.

Did you know it’s okay to be you? No matter what the world tries to cram into your face all day about beauty and what makes a woman beautiful, they are wrong. If you are married, think about the moments your husband has just randomly told you that you were beautiful or said I love you. What were you doing at that moment. I bet it was something less than sexy and you looked a mess. Your hair was doing its own thing and you were elbows deep in such a messy or nasty task that you couldn’t even scratch your nose that had been itching for ten minutes! Or you are covered in the last bottle of milk your little one drank and now he can’t stop looking at you…

You’re adorable in those moments and you’re his. He sees YOU and that is a beautiful blessing. Why is it that we look at the world around us and compare ourselves to the things we see? Why? God does not make mistakes and He is not about to start with you. Why do we believe the world over our husbands? I know that some of us have been hurt in the past and now we are stuck with hurt feelings. That’s not them, they didn’t do those things. What if he is the one that hurt you and now you can’t seem to get past it. Jesus said “He without sin cast the first stone.” We are all perfectly imperfect.

As women, we have many different sides and as Shrek said, we have layers. Thank God they have nothing to do with onions. How horrible… imagine the gym…

Me: “Sister, what is that smell?”

Sister: “Oh, sorry. It’s my natural smell. I call it “Sweet Vidalia Slice”!

Me: “How lovely! I always loved those cute little green onions. So I call mine “Spring Onion Grass.”

Both: *Awkwardly stare at one another.*

For me this lesson has been a hard one. I don’t see myself the way others do but then do any of us? I just see me and why should I see anything different? I have spent the last 40 years looking at my own face. I see all the flaws and the lines that didn’t used to be there or in my foolish days I compared myself to the world. I tore myself down over the fake beauty around me.

Look around you, how many straight lines do we see in nature? The odds of finding a naturally accruing perfectly square or round object is so rare that if found, it is automatically dubbed man made. God loves variety and things with unique and peculiar characters.

I am as peculiar as they come. I wear aprons, dresses and for now a head covering most days. I work with my hands and use power tools. I create things out of everything. I would tickled pink if I came across an open pile of junk! Re-purpose, reuse. Waste not want not. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! and so on.

Anyways, In a world driven by ever changing strange beauty standards, why not be the wonderful, unique, peculiar person you are. You are perfectly imperfect, just the way you were created to be. I am not saying go out and be wonderfully broken. No, you are not that creature anymore if you ever were. You can be anything you want to be now. You are not held by the crimes of your past. You are a new creature in Christ Jesus!

Don’t be afraid to embrace yourself for all the things that make you a person. I can’t imagine what the world would look like if we all liked the same things or listened to the same music. What if we all liked the same nature hiking area. The world made history the other day… we officially topped eight BILLION people. Yup, lets all go to the same places and get the same stuff and eat at the same places… How boring would the world quickly become? Yet other places would not even be accessible due to the number of people trying daily to go there. I would never make it back into Old Stone Fort State Park!

*Standing at the gate that now has an officer to help control the crowds.*

Officer: “Ticket number please.”

Me: “TT-3,450,225”

Officer: *checks his clipboard* “Your day is the first Saturday in June for one hour.”

Me: “So Soon and in warm weather! But the time allowed seems unfair.”

Officer: “Of 2075.”

Me: “Ooh kay… I will be in my Nineties!”

Officer: *Stares blankly at me from behind dark glasses* “Talk to the Park manager.”

Me: “When can I see him?”

Officer: *checks his clipboard again.* “January… of 2080.”

Me: *Right eye starts to twitch.”

We are beautiful the way the Lord made us and we should not be ashamed of it. Please don’t go running around showing off the goods to every man/woman of the world or paint yourself up like a war horse but go be beautifully you and don’t allow fear to dictate how you carry yourself.

Learn to love you for who God made you before the world got in. Love the things that are good and pure and lovely in life, let go of what you hate and allow the Lord to shine through you in His peculiar way – just by being true to you. Makeup is fun and can be nice but it does not make a woman. Neither does what you have on or how you have your hair… unless the Lord tells you differently… go be you.

Matthew 22:37-40
Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
This is the first and great commandment.
And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

For me that means a great many things and all of them usually end in… “You did that?!” Most of the time whenever we start to get our lives together, those closest to us are the first to tear us down.

“You hardly wear makeup? What do you mean you’re not afraid of your natural face?”

“How is it that you are so secure with who you are, that you don’t need to flash flesh for attention?” (They wont ask this but deep inside they feel this to be true.)

“Don’t wear dresses and aprons and head coverings! You oppress yourself!” (Yes I have been told this but not about the head covering. What does that even mean anyways?)

Dedicated To My Wife, Doris

God took an angel and made a woman of her, and gave her unto me. He took the light of a star and put it in her eyes. The song of the dawning of morning He put it in her voice. The gentleness of a dove in her heart and the sweetness of a rose on her lips. He put the softness of wind blown snow in her breast and gave her the wisdom of the ages in her mind. She was given hands that knew no idleness and feet that walk in the paths of truth. He gave her the fruit of her womb to call her blessed, and love for her own beyond human compassion. He made me richest of men by giving her love to me and the joy He grants me to call her wife.

Harry Kellogg Jr.

Not once did this man mention her perfect hair, finely applied makeup or gush over her clothing. He was not concerned with the color of her skin or how she smelled. Though I am sure she was a wonderful woman with a beauty all her own that didn’t smell bad at all. However, her love for God flowed out in a beauty that surpassed anything physical. She was kind, caring, gentle, sweet and compassionate. These are the things that he valued in her. These traits would have caused her to be a woman that was humble and meek. This is what we as women should be concerned about. These things will make us into the women we were meant to be. Just a thought to leave you with until the next time I write.

Please like and share this and feel free to comment below. As always I love you all and stay unique and peculiar!

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  1. I think it’s peculiar NOT to wear aprons, I mean come on they have POCKETS 👏🏻👏🏻🥰 I agree with you that we should value more than our physical beauty and our love for God is what makes us more beautiful than anything else ❤️ 💯🔥

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