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some times I wonder how I'm still alive - Meme by tamikins123 :) Memedroid

Hello brothers and sisters! How have you been? I just wanted to take a moment and let you all know that I do indeed live and I am glad to see that you do as well! It always amazes me how much I have not loved waking up over the last few years. Why you may ask… I think it had something to do with the fact that I was waking up in the same day… like that movie with the ground hog. It was crazy! Here is the thing, I had a lot to learn and I was not paying attention and if I was I was not happy with what the Lord was asking me to do. But God never gave up on me and He wont give up on you.

This day may be full of trials and tribulations, each of its own brand, but the Lord truly is in control. One of the hardest things I have had to learn how to do is how to praise God through the pain in my own life. Which in the heat of it always seems so much larger and more threatening then it actually ever was. There is always someone out there worse off than me. The Lord has kept me through the night and into this day. Better today then I was yesterday and better tomorrow then I was today.

No matter what happened the day before, it is gone. No matter what is coming, it has not come yet. No matter what is happening in the moment, lean on the Lord! You might be wondering just what that means. People say it all the time and yet what does that look like? For me, it means taking a deep breath asking for guidance and making the best possible choice I can with the wisdom I have gotten from the Bible. This was not always the case and I am still working on it.

However, I am learning more about the things the Lord wants from me and how to apply it to my life. The other day I sat through a six hour and forty-five minute video on head coverings… yes. I now know every different argument on both sides that has ever been argued in history. It was a long study that I plan on doing one more time so I can truly understand the subject to a tee. But this is a post all on its own and for another day. I literally have not decided if I am going to be wearing one or not. Prayer is in order, however, after learning what I have learned, I am leaning towards it and yes, I have already been laughed at… twice.

I did find it interesting how I was treated by both of the individuals in question. Both mocked me for my thought process and even got angry over it. I thought; What if I had told them that I was now into women or felt like I was born into the wrong body?

Would they have laughed at me?

Would they have been angry over my choice?

Would they have accepted this from me?

The sad truth is no, they would not have laughed or been angry. Yes they would have accepted me and my delusions almost without a fight if one even came up. I am sure they would have questions but overall I would have been praised for my bravery.


Let me talk about being a submissive wife and allowing your husband to be the man God intended him to be, yes with all the man spreading and masculinity. I don’t know about any of you but I want the manly man to come save me from the danger… just saying. Or lets have an open conversation about headship in the home and our place as a woman in the roles of a home or let me bring up such horrors as…head coverings! Now I am crazy.

Hmm, okay sure.

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The thing is, I have learned that covering my head may not be a salvation issue and it may be the opinion of Paul that in doing so we are pleasing in the sight of God and angels… see right there. This is the reason that I would even think to wear one. I don’t care how Paul felt or even how my husband feels about it. I feel that it is a personal relationship with Jesus and if you in your heart feel that God is maybe leaning you towards head covering, by all means do it. I think for myself I will be going back over the head coverings video later but for now, I might just be wearing one, at least for church, prayer and the like. My opinions on the matter may be irreverent, just like they would be with mom and dads rules.

Cause God said so, that’s why…

This is the exact reason I started this blog in the first place. I wanted to address the main things that are plaguing our nation. Yes, it is true, I don’t have a background in any field that gives me a piece of pretty paper with my name but I have lived. I have had the same thoughts that most women today have. I too was a feminist and loved the independent life and to some degree maybe I still am and I enjoy my freedom very much. Only not the same as I was or did. You see, my mindset has changed, the truth often has that effect on an individual. I see the chains that shackled me and I can see them in others lives as well.

I am a realist. If God is the truth and all others fake. It stands to reason that I should do as the Creator would have me do and His rules are not hard to follow. It does take a humble spirit to go before the Lord. Don’t let your pride override the simple truth that if the Ancient of Days asks you to do something… who are we to argue? It is true that we come to the Lord as we are but we don’t stay there. We learn and grow in Christ and He gives us the grace to handle each thing as it comes and He never leaves us.

Until next I write brothers and sisters, I pray that you allow the Lord to lead you decisions by renewing your mind. Know that I love all of you through Christ Jesus and I know that this world would ask us to be one thing and the Lord requires us to be separate and set apart. Most of our heartache will come from the ones closest to us. I think it comes from a combination of fear and misunderstood conceptions about the Father.

Please like and share. Feel free to leave a comment if the Lord leads you to do so.

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  1. Wonderful topic and post! It is a hard topic because of the way society has been fed the nonsense lies that lean in the complete opposite direction then what the truth is. So I think that it still ruffles some feathers sometimes. The cool thing about us as humans is that we are not all meant to think the same way and this is what makes us interestng. Every one is on their own journey and at different places in their journey so it can be where they are right now in their journey they are not able to understand or fully take in exactly what you are doing and saying. The thing is.. remember that the people that are ahead of their time, gifted in some way special or had genuis were all laughed at and mocked. Stay strong!

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