A Prayer…

Heavenly Father, God of grace and God of mercy, my words can’t thank You enough this Thursday morning, and my heart can’t love You more. My cup runs over with Your blessings. Lord, we still live in a world that is spinning too fast with chaos and confusion. We are led by individuals with microwave mentalities who offer solutions that are short-cuts. Lord, I call on You this morning, help me discern the path I am to follow, and help me to know when to speak and when to listen. Lord fill me with a loving and forgiving spirit and when the chatter, chaos and cynicism surround me hold me on a firm foundation – no matter the madness I encounter today anchor me so I give more than I take – that I love and not hate. You are the Prince of Peace, help my mind to stay on You. Amen. Written by Gyvone Davidson West

Good afternoon beloved! Have a beautiful blessed rest of the day. Until next time, stay peculiar!

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