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Good day brothers and sisters! I know the Lord has kept you from the perils of life for one more day and I for one will praise the Lord for this! Each day is a new chance for us to live for the Lord. With each rising of the sun, we are blessed with new grace and mercies to tackle the day. This is wonderful news! I mean, think about it, we get another opportunity to love the Lord God in heaven, to live in the joy of our Lord Jesus, and to fix any wrongs we may need to right. This is a beautiful thing!

Upon re-reading some of my past posts, I came to the conclusion that I don’t convey my thoughts well. As I was reading, I thought to myself, what a horribly rude woman! When the Ancient of Days created all that we know, He did so with purpose. All things work together for the betterment of all things. We see this balance in His creation everyday. There is also order in the way we live our lives if we are being led by the Spirit. For me this means I want to make the Lord a part of everything that I do. He is Lord and Master, King of kings. Then comes family, others, last but not least ourselves.

  • God
  • Family
  • Others
  • Ourselves

It’s a dark day when you realize that you have been doing a lot of things backwards in your life. Lets all take a moment to reach out to those that we love, make sure you check on family, no one wants to admit they need help, but I promise, they do. The Lord did not bless us with much so we could just tuck it away, please do but a closed hand can not receive more blessings… to get a gift, your hand must be open. Freely you were given, so freely give! We know who has our backs and that is the Creator God, the Most High God, the Great I Am!

Don’t let this be your family memories! I love all of you so much and have a super blessed day! This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Until next time beloved, stay peculiar!

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  1. I think you convey your thoughts very well and beautifully! We all do things backwards that is part of our human learning process and I am slowly learning that we need to be more gentle with ourselves. God knows that we will make mistakes and as long as we are doing our best every day I think we are ok. Love you and keep fighting the good fight!

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