Thank God for His Breath and Mum’s

To God be the glory!

The Lord truly is amazing! He is beyond words in His kindness and in His mercies that are new daily. When I think about all that the Lord saved me from; past, present and future, words escape me. Are there words made that can give proper glory to the Almighty? No. I love this song by Steffany Gretzinger “No one ever cared for me like Jesus”. The song is beautiful but it gives glory to the wrong thing. Which is what I feel like I would be doing if I told you how I feel. Those words are vain. Please don’t misunderstand me, yes, the Bible says let the redeemed of the Lord say so but that is all I truly have. I can’t give God anything as it all belongs to Him and I can’t love Him enough or even in the right way without His Spirit giving me the power to do so. I never would have even looked in the Lord’s direction the first time or opened my heart, ears, or eyes to Him if it had not been for God.

I am in awe over who God is. He is a miracle all on His own. The more my understanding is opened up, the more the Lord shows me… I understand what is meant by “We thank God for being God!” He could have demanded anything, been anything, and it would have been righteous because He is God. This, everything we touch, see, smell… It’s all His to do with it as He pleases… just like we can with our things. Still He chose to be Love, Kindness, Understanding, Truth, and all things good. He sends rain on the just and the unjust, we all breathe, live and do because He has allowed it.

Gods abundant Mercies

Let me tell you about a woman that has become very dear to my heart. She truly was sent to me by the Lord. She was at first my spiritual mum and until the Lord says otherwise will remain so. Over the course of learning from her and getting to know her, she has become mum number three. Her name is Dr Jude Seddon and she is one of the Lord’s rare gifts. She lives very far away from me and honestly it is the Lord that brought us together. I don’t recall why I first talked to her, what my actual question was… NO… she talked to me and I ignored it at first as it was just some random lady from Facebook that I didn’t know. I had read some of her posts and I enjoyed reading them but I didn’t know her. I remember what she said to me the first time:

  • *mum* I can help you get to know Jesus if you like.
  • *me* I already know Him but thank you have a blessed day!

I instantly didn’t like her. However, I still read her writings because I don’t have to like a person for them to be right and she had understanding. Then one day she posted a video, a black video. Which was not like her so I was very interested to see what this video was all about. So I sat down and pushed play. This beautiful, graceful British voice floated through my speakers to my ears and my soul felt her soul. I listened to this lady speak beautiful Biblical truths with such grace and love in her voice it brought tears to my eyes and took my breath away. I thought to myself oh my goodness to speak like her, to understand scripture like that, I would love to meet this person in real life! I told my husband upon having him listen to her that my heart felt her heart. Little did I know that the very voice belonged to my sweet mum!

I had this oddball question and she just kept coming to my mind. I could see her face and name and it just would not go away. So, I took a leap and thought why not, everyone else thinks I am crazy, why not her as well. At least I don’t know her… When she answered my text with a voice message and I heard her voice… I started to cry! This was the same woman! I had pushed this beautiful soul away and it was the same sweet lady I had heard in so many videos. I honestly thought she had found some sweet ladies videos and had been putting them up but it was her…

She would not give herself this praise and so I shall do it. She came into my life when I needed her the most. The Lord in His mercy and love sent her to me and she has been a blessing in my life. He blessed her with understanding and eyes to see the world for what it truly is. He gave her the answers to the questions that had burned in me, that had eaten at me and haunted me and continues to speak through her to me. She is always available for me to talk with when I need a friend, a mum or sound Biblical council. To say I am blessed to have this lady of grace in my life is an understatement. I thank the Lord for her and she is always in my prayers. I chose the image below because I truly would love to sit down face to face and pour her a cup of tea.

Chinese regard the simple act of pouring tea for elders or people of higher rank as a sign of respect and deference. This is especially true in formal occasions, and is also commonly seen as a sign of good family upbringing. The youngest person should pour tea for everyone. Pour tea to the oldest one first, pour tea to yourself last. After you finish pouring the tea, put the teapot down, and make sure the pouring end (the spout) is not pointing at anybody (impolite), and the handle should always be facing you.

I praise and glorify the Almighty God of heaven and earth so graciously for her because of so many reasons but my favorite quality about her is her love for Jesus! She does not hold back when it comes to God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. She spares not your feelings when it comes to her Lord and King. She will correct me in my Theology, the way I say things, my grammar, EVERYTHING! In fact IF she were to read this, I am sure she would have plenty to say… AND I love her for it! Though, mum, be gentle, and call me… I know what you must be thinking. I get it but she has a way of showing you the error in your ways with gentle loving kindness that I have never seen in another person. Ever. And have only heard it in the voices of others that have the Holy Spirit. It truly does remind me of Jesus.

I do not say these things to blow up her ego or to butter her up and get brownie points. She is more concerned with how God views her than how I see her. Though I know I am loved by her beyond measure. She would love me even if I never sang praise to the Lord for her, even if I didn’t love her back. She would still guide me, correct me, and love me. Why would she do it? Because the Lord Jesus told her to and she is listening. She truly does not judge me for the things I have done in the past especially but not even in the here and now. I literally can tell her anything and she will give me sound Biblical answers to all my questions, doubts and fears. EVERYTHING in her world is seen through the Word.

Another favorite would have to be the confirmation that I have had while talking with her! The Lord truly is wonderful! My favorite has to be the one I am sharing with you below. We got onto the topic of God’s name. I had wandered across this picture back in February 2022 and it came along with a thing about how the Jewish teachers say the name of God would sound like since it had no vowels and I was telling her about it and she said “Oh! I wrote about that!” and sure enough, she had! The Lord is a Mighty God!

The Breath of God

There are over 1000 Names and Titles for the Almighty God recorded in the Bible, so how are we supposed to determine which one we should use at any given point in time? Moses also felt the quandry of how he shouild address his Heavenly Father…by what name should He be called. The name specified and recorded in Hebrew was YHWH…four consonants that stood alone…devoid of vowels as they were linguistically understood…seemingly simple and yet…

In the subsequent years, scholars and Rabis discovered the letters YHWH represent the sounds of respiration, aspirated consonants. In other words, the YH sounds on the inhalation and the WH, on the exhalation. How wonderful is our Heavenly Father! Rather than give a Name that was impossible to pronounce, He shared one that we could not help but proclaim!

A baby’s first breath declares the name of God…his first cry resonates his dependency on Him.

A person’s last breath carries him up into the presence of the Almighty.

When a gasp, a groan or a deep sigh leaves our mouth…we breathe the Name of God.

Even those who deny the existence of the Almighty are uttering His Name with every breath. 

Being alive means we speak His name constantly.  

When sad…we breath His Name in sighs.

When happy…we laugh His Name!

When scared…we hold our breath…we hold His Name.

When excited…we slow our breathing…we calm down in Him.

We breath Him in deeply when we need courage.

When we cry…we brokenly gasp His Name.

With every breath…we praise His Name.

The Scripture instructs in Psalm 150:6 that everything that hath breath should praise the Lord. Psalm 34:1 exhorts us to bless the Lord at all times and to have His praises continually in our mouths.

What a Wonderful and Gracious Father God we have…to give Himself a Name that we cannot forget…a Name that is always on our lips…a Name that is knowingly [and unknowingly] proclaimed with every breath we take.

– Dr. Jude Seddon –

If you’re on Facebook still I suggest giving her name a search and reading some of the writings the Lord has blessed her with. I know that she will bless your life with the word of the Lord and not twist it to fit her own agenda. As she has only one goal and that is to hear well done my good and faithful daughter! Until next time my loving family, I will write to you later and as always, stay peculiar!

Also if the Lord has touched your heart please like and share with others and feel free to leave a comment as I would love to hear from you!

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