The Freedom Chronicles – Odd

Within a garden such as this, how can the face of God be missed?

– Harry Kellogg Jr. –

Saturday mornings in our home come along with certain glorious promises. The first of many includes the ability to sleep in. Another one is the lazy daisy attitude I take to chores and other things that need to be done. It is the one day we get to just chill out and spend time with one another if possible. These times are made even better when Mr. A has the chance to be a part of that day’s activities! Today was one of those days.

It did not start out any different than any other Saturday. The weather was a bit bi-polar with thick stormy clouds that hung dark in the sky outside my window. As the golden rays of the sun fought for dominance in the morning sky, I watched the cosmic battle from the comfort of my window chair. So many times we forget to give the Lord thanks for all the simple, beautiful everyday blessings.

After a lazy morning, Mr A and I decided to head into town and pick up a few things. The “twelve disciples” aka the cats outside, needed cat food and Mr A needed some hardware from TSC (Tractor Supply Company)… SO needy these cats! Anyway, we pile into the Cadillac – I know what you’re thinking, a caddie! I promise you, it has the face only a mother could love… or a husband. Everything was normal and the trip included the normal chatter and conversation that only comes from eleven and twelve year old kids. I know it is our children that keep us young if we will just allow our minds to be little once again. They are sometimes the only reason we can see the beauty in a day. Our children are a blessing and a gift from the Almighty God… let us treat them accordingly.

“If I get scared half to death twice… will I die?”

– Lil A –

Amber “Odd” Page

Last night the kids and I watched a movie called Odd Thomas. Interesting movie about a kid that has a gift and uses it to help people. His name is literally Odd… and yes, this does have a point to it. Well, once we arrived at the TSC, we noticed an outreach ministry had set up a tent outside. They were selling handcrafted merchandise to help fund their cause and we planned on stopping on our way back out of the store.

This is where things get odd and I let my peculiar flag fly high and proud! The gentlemen at the tent were more than kind and generous. We had a good conversation and they gave warnings about medicines and how pharmaceutical drugs are bad for you. To which I agreed and as we parted ways and Mr. A led us towards the Goodwill, I was still walking and talking, as I do at times. This is where things got very odd… and it came from nowhere. I don’t know why, other than Jesus, this played out as it did but as I walked away I looked back and said…

Me: I won’t see you… if I don’t see you again this side of heaven I will see you there! *I turned to look back*

Him: *runs from behind the tent counter, jumping and raising both hands in the air with the biggest smile I have ever seen* I will see you there too sweet angel! I will see you there!

Me: *spins around* Yes we will! See you there! (I think that is what I said. I am unsure as my head was spinning from what was taking place but I was beaming too!)

And off we went to Goodwill. We shopped and looked the store over but I could not stop thinking about what had just taken place. I have thought about it all the rest of the evening. I have no idea what possessed me to yell across the crowded parking lot of TSC “Hey can’t wait to see you in heaven!” I can’t help but wonder what the other people in the parking lot must have been thinking. I have to laugh as different things pop into my mind. I mean just what did that sound like I was saying to this man? Is she wishing him a happy death? Was that a threat? Why is he happy about it? What in the what did I just walk into? At the very least they thought we were crazy!

My response to the crazy… is yes! I am a peculiar one I guess just out here praising Jesus and yelling odd things to strangers in crowded parking lots. But was he a stranger? After all we are all of the same Spirit if we are in Christ! At any rate it was an odd day, with odd sayings and blessings that rained down on me in the form of family and fun! I could not have asked for a better family day out. God truly is a good good God! What a wonderful strange and peculiar God we serve! I am so very humbled and joyful to be a part of this wonderful family of His! Glory be to the Lord God of all creation and may all of you be given the courage to be bold and allow the Holy Spirit to direct ALL of your actions! You might just find odd blessings will come your way.

Until next I write, be blessed! Feel free to like, share and leave a comment! I love you all!


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