Then there is that.

As I walk along the narrow road, my soul weighs heavy from this load. For amoung the olives our Lord sat, and gently whispers then there is that. However hard these trials be, I pray only for ears to hear and eyes to see.

My soul would be satisfied to give a little tit for tat but the Lord gently whispers He will have none of that. For vengeance is mine thus saith the Lord, for it was my lifes blood that was poured. On this truth I forever sat but soon I whisper, then there is that.

Ignorance is bliss or so they say, not knowing how dearly they will pay. A lack of knowledge creates a fool, who will never find that eternal pool. By the pain of others the world is made fat, with sorrow I whisper, then there is that. Have mercy on this wayward heart, for of this world I want no part.

For the time is near at hand, for the Lord to claim His land. A goat and a sheep together will stand, only one may enter the promised land. To think all your whole life long, not right but horribly wrong. A deadly game of Russian roulette, when salvations needs can be so freely met.

In fear and trembling the Lord we must seek, for this journey is not for the weak. Just as Jesus went to the cross, we must consider this world a loss. For if to this world you but a little cling, with the Lord you will never sing. Refresh your lamps Christ’s bride, for soon we will be at His side. And I will gladly whisper, then there is that!


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