I would argue the thing we fear the most is rejection and disapproval of others more than God.

– Author –

Most everyone has seen the movies with the teenagers throwing one heck of a party that none of the adults were ever invited to. Everyone is having a great time, drinking and doing whatever else comes to their minds to do… and then, over the top of the music you hear someone sound the alarm… the adults are coming! Either police or the parents of the home return and swift judgement is soon to follow and the wrath of the home owner can be felt from across the room. Dad stands in the middle of his torn up den and mom tries to find the source to the snoring that is coming from the kitchen of all places. We all laugh and joke as we watch the drama unfold on the screen and comment on how horrible that would be if we were in their shoes, either of them.

We are them, only it’s not the police or mom and dad that are coming home to find their home trashed and full of uninvited guests… No, no. It is the God of all you see feel and touch that is coming back to find His house not in order. Nothing is as it was meant to be. Not the planet, not space in whatever form you may believe that is, not the animals and definitely not mankind. We have stepped far from the Lord and He is on His way back. However for us, each day brings new grace. Each moment, each second that we have remaining is a chance to surrender your all to the Lord. Don’t be the kids that get caught by the Father in the middle of a party. Clean that temple up!

Like the man in this video, I wasted so many years doing my own thing. I fell FAR from the Ancient of Days and the shame and guilt almost took my life. I could not stand what I had become and was consumed by the fact that I could do nothing to change any of it. When I woke up from my brain fog and the Lord allowed the scales to slowly start falling from my eyes, I realized so many things. None of them were good. I was crushed under the hand of the Almighty God and at times He still crushed me. I am as stubborn as they come so the Lord has dealt with me accordingly.

The Lord still speaks to His children

He still sends dreams.

He still does visions.

I feel the exact same way except I never believed in evolution… but the rapture IS near!

We can’t earn it, work our way to it, or enter by another gate. Until next I write, stay peculiar!

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