Three Days Dead – Happiness is a Vapor

Hello brothers and sisters! I am as always so very happy that the Lord has kept you through another day and you found your way, once again to my blog. Today’s random thoughts are going to be focused on happiness. What does Jesus say about it and how does the world tell us that we should attain it.

However before we get started I am sorry for the delay in my writing. Life happens and I have been very busy with a multitude of things. First was this challenge and then my husbands birthday weekend was coming up and my family wanted to spoil dad for a few days. Needless to say our weekend was amazing and gave me food for thought as well and I cant wait to share what the Lord has shown me in my everyday walk with Him!

The “Tennessee Snow Day” birthday cake. Happy birthday Sweetness! Our oldest boys brought dinner and we had an amazing night filled with food fun and family. AND best of all Jesus was at the heart of it all.

I tried lettuce soup… yes, it is a thing. And it is going to remain a thing in someone else’s soup pot. Some may like it but as for me, it is a hard pass. Do not bring that abomination into my kitchen. It was a texture thing really. My mouth just could not. I ate 1/3 of the bowl and my body threatened a heart attack rather then finish it.

Ninja found a new home! She went to live the life of a princess kitty. She now has her own room filled with toys and cat houses and all the comforts a cat could want. I am so very blessed that she found such a family!

Lets talk about the Three Days Dead challenge…

If you have begun your own version of this then let us take a moment to see if we are being true to what we set out to do. Are you fully committing yourself to the challenge you set for yourself? In your failures, could you see where if you had just held out a little longer, Jesus would have seen you through that moment and into the next? What exactly does our happiness have to do with the way we conduct ourselves daily?

If not, that is okay. We have been given grace to do better with each passing day! If we stick with it, we will discover a strength we never knew we had. As we do this we become stronger in our own abilities, which in turn will give us the confidence to go out and live this life with boldness!

“They cannot be criticized because there is no norm on which they should be Judged”

– C.S Lewis –

I was listening to a YouTube video reading of C.S Lewis. He is one of my favorite authors and I came across the reading by accident… or was it. The way he was able to convey his thoughts on happiness from a biblical position was refreshing and gave me much food for thought. It was the last thing he ever wrote before he died in Nov 1963 disappeared for a long time but the most recent printing of it was in 1998 in God in the Dark.

He says that we do not have a right to happiness. It is not a given in this life. At first, I thought , no this cannot be! Of course we have a right to happiness! However, as Lewis goes on to explain his view point on it, I am inclined to lean more in his direction.

This led me to thinking, What does the Bible say about happiness? From my limited understanding, I actually could not think of a place in the Bible that says I have a right to be happy. I didn’t even think I could recall Jesus telling anyone to go and be happy and all would go well. In fact it was the complete opposite to this. He said that we would have trials and tribulations and that this life was full of trouble. He does promise to be with us but at this point in the thought I could not think of one time Jesus spoke of being happy. If any happiness was to be found it was to be found in Him and still I could not think of one but rather I could remember reading things about peace, joy and contentment. Upon further searching, I am sure I will be vindicated in my thoughts. However, we shall see…

C.S Lewis goes on to explain his point of view and I will have to agree with him on almost all his points. Please listen to this video and let me know your opinion on the matter.

Three Hours Later…

So after a few hours of listening and a little reading I must confess, I have come to this…

Happiness is indeed according to the Bible… Drum roll please…

To Be Continued…

Jenny of ELEFANTZ: A blessing for you to stitch...

Until next I write brothers and sisters, stay in the word and as always, stay peculiar!

As always, feel free to like and share and leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you!


  1. Beautiful post! Well written and lovely! I adore the Tennessee snow day birthday cake! Iam very happy that ninja is now being treated like the princess she is and feel your pain with the soup of lettuce. I like C.J Lewis as well and I can’t wait to read what information you have uncovered!

    Liked by 1 person

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