Three Days Dead – Cut Off from God

Hello brothers and sisters! I am so very joyful that the Lord has seen you through another day and that once again you have found your way back to me and my wondering thoughts. I am truly blessed to have you with me. So let us see where these thoughts lead me tonight.

So a moment ago I was scanning YouTube for some sermon to listen too as I write and I came across a title in my feed that read “When to know if you have been cut off from God.” I almost clicked on it because yes, I want to know if there is a possibility for me to be cut off from the Father. However I stopped myself from happy clicking as a thought came to me. Do I really want the responsibility of that knowledge?

If I am a person that knows medicine, it is my duty to help others with this knowledge. If I don’t and one of your family members passes away and you find out that I could have saved them but chose not to… you would be upset with me. If I have a boat and your family drowns, you again will be upset with me and the list is endless. The thing is that we have an obligation to use what we have for the betterment of mankind. It will come in different forms but our civilization would fall if we did not pass on the knowledge that we have gained.

So why am I afraid to look at this video?

Is it because I am afraid it will tell me something about myself that is true and God has cut Himself off from me? Is the fact that I am worried about said thing an indication that I have no need to worry? Perhaps it is because I have something in my life that is causing me to unwittingly sit comfortably on the fence. Does a godless man care that he is godless? Does this fact even concern him until the truth is shown to him? Can this cause bitterness in a person if we, in our good intentions, try to push the Word onto a soul that has not been softened by the Holy Spirit?

I think of the pain of reality in my own life. If someone had come to me years ago with the same things I know to be true now would I have been ready to receive it? I doubt it. I know myself and I would have laughed at or even been angry with someone if they told me the truth about the world and myself. I needed the Lord to move in my life and to allow me to get to the place on my own where I was ready and willing to take accountability for my own actions.

Truth be told I am listening to the video right now as I write this. I couldn’t help it I had too many questions. I had to have answers. As the man teaches on the other end of the line, a story from another man comes floating into my mind about the difference between David and Solomon. David had Psalms 51, which is one of my favorites and Solomon had the book of Ecclesiastes, which is one of my favorite books. David had his times of brokenness but Solomon went after the gods of his wives! After everything that God had done both to him and for him, he went a whoring after other gods.

I feel like Solomon most days. I lost twenty years living for myself in the world. I could write my own book outlining the vanities that are in this world. On how completely empty every single pursuit of happiness and joy in the world will leave you. I was hedonistic by nature and sought after pleasure in all its forms and figured it was my right as a human to live such a life. After all who was I hurting, certainly not myself. Or so I so foolishly thought.

The Truth of the Matter…

The truth is that I was hurting far more than just people. I was hurting a Father who had never hurt me. Instead, He did just the opposite. He became His own creation to save us from ourselves. Yet I have treated this gift with contempt. This brought me to my personal challenge and battle with sin in my life. Jesus has harsh words to say about lukewarm Christians. If you can imagine the Lord of lords and King of kings vomiting a cup of room temperature tea out of His mouth! That is vivid imagery. Am I truly surrendering to the will of the Lord in my life?

After listening to the video I am both comforted and inspired to do better each moment. Today is again day one of not smoking. Failure is a part of life and I refuse to hold myself at a standard of perfection. I will never be perfect here on earth but what is more important to me? The Bible says that sin separates us from the Father. If this information scares me then the only rational thing to do is turn to the Father. Ask Him to show me what it is and then once I know, I don’t want to fight Him on getting rid of said thing or habit.

I can only speak for myself when I say this but I do not want to have a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and smoke on my breath when I see Jesus in the flesh for the first time. I don’t even want to write about it let alone have it happen. However, if I continue to be a hypocrite in my own life, I am only lying to myself. In the end I will have excused myself all the way to Hell and I will have enjoyed the trip.

SO… can we be cut off from God for good?

However, the Father is a good Father and He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. This is a very good thing for us! I know how dirty my robes are without the blood of Jesus. and I thank Him daily for this gift of grace and the mercy He has given me.

I am not going to hold anyone in limbo over this question. The topic can give us cause for fear and that will lead us to doubt the goodness of God in our lives… It’s a slippery slope. No, I don’t think that we can be cut off from the Father, at least not by His doing. Though I have not done research to support this opinion so it is a belly button thought at this point. He will never leave you or forsake you the Bible says. If I am to believe this then no, God will not. But He will give us over to do as we like. He wants willing servants not slaves.

Well brothers and sisters my time has come to an end. The husband is home and Saturday morning is exploding into life. Pup is happy the father returned unharmed and the children are wondering if dad brought snacks. Until next I write, stay blessed and as always, stay peculiar!

Also real fast…

To all my Foogle family out there, thank you guys for the warm welcome and support you gave me on the call. Thank you for coming by and taking a moment to sip your favorite beverage with me and chat about the state of our hearts and the world around us! I am excited to have you here.

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