Just Another Mouse Tale

We can all look around and see that this is not the world we grew up in. The original creativity and imagination that fueled the generations before is a testimony to the wonders that man can achieve if properly motivated. I struggle with this at times as well. There is so much out there for information that it seems impossible to find a new topic to touch on. Then if you do, did you really want that information?

More often than not I have found the answer to that question is no, no I did not want that information at all! Since 2019, the world more than lost the rose colored hue it once had. I knew the world had issues but i never thought they would come in the forms that they do. The Bible teaches that there is nothing new under the sun. That means this stuff has been going on since the fall and things have not been normal since.

Ecclesiastes 1:9
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

The Lord directed my steps or allowed me to find a video on YouTube about the mice utopia experiments that were done in the 1950’s, 1960’s and the 1970’s. I don’t remember who I was listening to but they mentioned them in passing and I had to go find out what these had been all about. Number one, I am not one of those that believes animals should be test subjects and the short explanation given in the lost video had my curiosity perked. And boy was I right!

Biologist John Calhoun did several experiments but the one that caught my eye was the one that looked like a miniature city. We have all seen the coffin apartments in China and if you have not, they are horrible. They are super small “apartments” but there is NO room at all in them. This is what the last of this man’s experiments reminded me of and the more I listened, the more I saw the similarities between these tests and our modern society.

The Secret of NIMH | Movie fanart | fanart.tv

Secret of N.I.M.H

The rats displayed some of the scariest behavior of all. “Rat City” as Calhoun dubbed it, leveled out at between 150 to 200 members. Even though they had space to span out as rats would normally do, they chose to stay in groups for around 12 or so. This test lasted for two years and four months, never going over two-hundred. The reason for this was due to strange changes as the colonies grew, the mothers would stop caring for their young, wanting instead to be a part of the colony’s social activities. After this experiment had ended, Calhoun decided he needed more data to properly come to any conclusions.

This led him to The National Institute of Mental Health or NIMH. He had all the resources to do as many studies as he wanted and over the years did other, smaller more controlled studies using white Norwegian rats. Each study was referred to as a universe and I can only assume that they were in settings more in line with individual family groups. If you want full details on them, please do a short web search and you will find the full story. There is a very good article in The Science History Institute by the name of Mouse Heaven or Mouse Hell.

This made me think of the similarities between what Calhoun had done and what they are building in the Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia. NEOM is a very interesting search as well if you have a moment of free time. I have to admit, the place looks amazing. Still creepy but amazing. That is until you start to put the fate of these mice into perspective. This further vindicates all those, including myself that have said all the money works together.

“You can’t serve God and money.”

– Jesus –

Neom, the dream project of Saudi Arabia, is preparing a state-of-the-art  city that will amaze the world - time.news - Time News

NEOM: THE LINE – Human Heaven or Human Hell

At only 200 meters wide, 170 kilometers long and 500 meters above sea level. It will eventually accommodate 9 million people and will be built on a footprint of just 34 square kilometers. It was have all the creature comforts and ease of accessibility. I argue the elites will NOT be living in THE LINE but rather in the other locations they are building that are far nicer than even this place. If ever there was a better place to house, control and manipulate a population, other than prisons, I have not found one. Okay maybe uninhabitable places and bunkers. We will be the common worker class and they will be them.

As technology pushes the boundaries further and further with each passing day, we have to really be on our toes about the things happening so we are not caught up in them. The devil is a slippery one and crafty but we have something he does not and that is the God that knows all and sees all. He wins in the end. But I digress. After learning of these tests, things just started to click even more. I have stood firm since 2019 that all the elites are in it together. I don’t care what country they are from and I don’t care what they say. It is literally the most diabolical plan happening right under our noses.

We have “freedom” so long as you play the game and say all the right things. If you try and spread your wings, I promise someone will come along and try to smash them. We are not the same to them. I am not playing the name and blame. I am responsible as you are for all the things we allow ourselves to do or not do. I am simply stating a fact. It breaks my heart to watch the world idolize these humans because of the money or supposed power they have. Who told you they were more important anyway? How did movie actors and actresses gain your trust? It takes many years to gain the trust of many out there and yet a person who has money and fame says it is so, so it is? What made them so darn trustworthy?

Universe 25 on Steam

Universe 25

This is where things get a little messed up. In this experiment things mimicked a city. Phase A was the adjustment stage day 0-104, Phase B was the exploration stage day 104-315, Phase C was the stagnation day 315-560 and phase D was the death stage day 560-x. The mice had all they could ever want. They had food, water, nest areas, nest bedding and so on. You would think this would be a good thing but it was not. Not long into the test things started to go wrong and by phase C the following traits manifested.

The outcasts – These mice were normally full of scars and bites and cuts. This was due to the huge all out brawls that would happen for no reason. It was a free for all of violence. Homosexual or pannsexual, attempted mating with alpha males and vice versa and these attempts were not stopped. Beta males with no place to escape the attacks of the alpha’s, would gather in the middle of the cage.

Probers or rapists, a violent group that would attempt to mate with any and all, despite the attacks from the alphas. pedophilia and cannibalism were very prevalent among this group.

Females were forced to protect their young due to the dominant males being busy with other males. Which led to the break down of the rat family. Lack of mothering instincts, need for social interaction would over take the need for working on a nest or caring for the young. This along with lower birth rates led to the decline of the population. The colony was officially dead when the last male died on day 1,780.

When I put what was happening in this place against what we have in the world… I can see the design for it unfolding right before our eyes. We are living this nightmare and they want to convince us that it is a good thing to sit back and allow the government to control everything. The truth is they are all corrupt and want things to come to pass that I promise we as a whole do not want. I think about what has happened to the male population of humans, we are the mice in phase C. There is no way around it. I wonder what will happen to us once our creature comforts are taken from us. It is going to be ugly and scary. One has to sit back and ask who would want a system like this to be built and why? The answer is complicated as to how we came to this place but the reason is far less harder to explain.

“The resemblance to human behavior is frightening. In humans, we see poor family relationships, the lack of caring, the complete alienation, the magnetic attraction of overcrowding, the lack of involvement, which is so great that it permits people to watch a long drawn-out murder without so much as calling the police. Perhaps all city dwellers are inhabitants of behavioral sync” Carl Rogers

(Some Social Issues Which Concern Me, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1972).

For those that say the powers that be have not been planning this for some time, Calhoun was not even finished with his research before other were taking his findings and applying it to collage dorms, schools, hospitals but the shining star in humans were the prisons. Now they want to build NEOM, and house the world in it and the end result will be this. If we live in a society that has no moral ground, no compass of right and wrong, where anything goes… we are a doomed civilization.Look back over the mysteries of human history, there are a number of rabbit holes a person could go down and you wouldn’t even have to go that far before discovering that things are not as they appear.

As always brothers and sisters, be blessed and may the peace of the Most High rest on your families. Stay peculiar.

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