Stay Warm Brothers and Sisters

Hello brothers and sisters, I just wanted to take a moment to say, stay warm. Make sure you check on those around you. Just because people look like they are doing okay or have things under control, does not mean that they do. So many of us do not ask for help due to pride. For the fear of being ridiculed for not preparing or for not being able too.

Here in the Southern United States we are not prepared for Siberian winters and arctic wind gusts. Please check on those around you to make sure they are alright after this storm passes tonight. Temperatures are going to drop fast into the single digits. We are supposed to hit 4 degrees by morning here. Have an alternate heating source ready and extra blankets for your bed tonight if you have them.

Please don’t wait any longer to make sure you are ready for this storm. Make sure your animals are taken care of and have dry bedding for the night and plenty of food to help keep up their energy. Cover outside water pipes or pumps and cover those plants that hang out all winter.

Procrastination and laziness will be the death of many including myself if we let it get the better of us. All of you are in my prayers and I love you all through Christ Jesus our Lord and I know that He is in control. Stay warm and stay peculiar!

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