A Family Letter

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Good evening dearest brothers and sisters,

I hope this letter finds you well and the Lord has continued to bless your time here on this earth. Each day is a blessing and a gift. A chance to walk in the will of the Father. It is my deepest wish that the Father will continue to bless the work of your hands and that He will prosper whatever venture you have begun in His name if it is His will to do so. I ask the Most High to bless each and every one of your family members. May your wise ones find peace and strength in the arms of our Lord and may your little ones bubble with joy and love from the Father who is Love.

No matter the trials that come our way in the coming days, know that the Father truly loves us and gave His Son as the ultimate sign of that love and good will towards men. On this night many of you will be snuggling down with my nieces and nephews to watch a family classic, while others may not celebrate this holiday, still none of us can help reflecting on what this night is suppose to mean for many of us.

This is the night when God’s beautiful plan to reconcile us to Himself, to right the wrongs that had been committed against Him. He knew that we could not do what was required for our salvation, so He came to earth as a tender babe, to live a sinless life and to pay the penalty, once for all of our sin. He took the punishment in full, the beatings and mistreatment and the full wrath of God the Ancient of Days was poured out on this sinless man. Jesus took all of God’s anger, hate and wrath towards ALL men for all time… yes, even the worst of the worst. I don’t care what it is that you have done, Nothing is beyond His saving power.

May we seek to give to all men equally and freely the same grace and mercy the Father lavishes on us each day. May we always remember we are all just sinners saved by grace and nothing more. There was only ever one sinless person and that is the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone. All of us are nothing without Him. When we get to heaven the only thing any of us will ever be able to say is we are redeemed by the Holy One, the Lamb of God who was born to us and died for us. This in turn is where the glory should go.

Forgive me, I don’t mean to go on but so often in this season, we can loose sight of what is truly important and that is those around us, the time we spend with them and the memories that we build together. For myself I know that my family could use a bit more kindness and understanding. They truly are a blessing in my life and I would be lost without them. I know that all of you feel the same about your family. We want only the best for our little ones, no matter how big they get.

My prayer for all of you is this;

That you remember kindness and compassion go a long way. Remember that you love yourself because you love yourself, not because you are good or bad or because you deserve love or not. Simply because you are you. Love others in this manner. We are imperfectly perfect and the Father is faithful to finish what He starts. If He is working with you, He is working with others around you. Give grace and mercy the same way the Most High does in your life. Every one is at a different level than we are and this road is hard. Lets be that few that choose to help a fallen brother or sister up. We are all going to the same place if we are following after Christ and dying daily to ourselves.

I pray that we can all have this in rivers of abundance. The world is in need of it. Until next I write brothers and sister, I pray you have a very merry Christmas for those of you that celebrate and for those that don’t, may you still take a moment to remember what the God of all creation has done for mankind. On a night long ago, a child was born into a sinful world, a light born to men and we could not see it. He came for us to redeem us to Himself and that is the greatest gift of all time.

May God Bless You: Christmas Spirit Card

I love you all and may the Father continue to watch over you tonight and every night! As always, stay peculiar.


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