Sneezes and Fiery Trials

How many of us get the sniffles and sneezes this time of year? I imagine all of us at some point have had a sneezing fit. According to, every time you sneeze your heart’s next beat is delayed due to the pressure build up in the body when we inhale right before said sneeze. One might assume it is a dangerous business this sneezing thing. One the other hand if you hold a sneeze in for fear of stopping your heart… the outcome is far worse. reports that holding in a sneeze can cause serious damage to our bodies. Among them are things like a collapsed lung, ruptured ear drums and brain aneurysm. Just to name a few of them.

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:
1 Peter 4:12 KJV

I guess what I am trying to say is that life’s sneezes are going to happen. We get a little tickle or a little something that irritates us and rubs us the wrong way and we gotta sneeze and it can be dangerous to do but we have to rid the body of it. This is what the Lord is doing with fiery trials. Everything that comes our way is meant to tickle, irritate and test us. Whether it be a pleasant thing or a painful one is not for us to decide, that is the Teacher’s job to give the lessons and the rewards or discipline if needed to whom He will and how He wants.

When you know it's God's plan but you still scared - Christian Funny  Pictures - A time to laugh

If we fight against these trails or sneezes if you will and are not content with the hand of God in our lives, it only causes us pain and bitterness. We cannot see the bigger picture as the Lord humbled Job into understanding it was not for him to question the Ancient of Days, at least not in a manner that told the Lord He was wrong for it. To be accurate, we have no idea how this is all going to play out. Each of us has a job to do on this earth and we only find out what it is by having a close relationship with the Father.

With this understanding, I am learning how to be content with what I have sown in life and to know that the Father has never left me. He never has and never will. He is faithful to finish what He started and will not forsake me or you. He is indeed a good good God! Until next I write brothers and sisters, have a wonderful blessed day resting in the truth. As always say peculiar!

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