Hello brothers and sisters! I am so very glad the Father has seen you through another day and that you have found your way back to me and my random thoughts. I know the world has a lot going on and I am truly happy that you are all here once again.

I know this may seem like a newbie kind of question and perhaps it is. I am asking because I am confused as to who we worship. I was always in the mindset that we worship God the Father. We can do this because God came in the flesh as Jesus and paid the price for our sins and now His Holy Spirit has been poured out on the earth…

So here is my question

How do you understand the God head, the Trinity?

How I understand it is this:

We worship God the Father through Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I am really interested to know if I am misguided. I guess I just want further understanding and I have hit a wall. I will pray about this as well the Father may choose to answer through one of you. I thank you in advance for any and all responses.


  1. I always figured God the father lord Jesus christ as my savior and mediator to the father and the holy ghost as a guide..I may be wrong but would also love to see other opinions

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