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Hello brothers and sisters! As always I am so very glad the Lord has seen you through another day. I say this all the time but the world really has lost its collective mind. There are wars and rumors of wars, famine and disease, the earth is changing faster than we can keep up with and things around us look down right biblical. In the days ahead we need each other more than ever and I have a heart for each of you. I know there are a million other things to do in the days we have and I am humbled that you would choose to be here with me and my random thoughts.

With that being said, I am talking directly to each of my faithful followers so please grab some tea and a comfy spot and let’s have a good conversation. As I said above there is a lot going on in the world right now and finding out the truth can be a challenge. The mainstream media is less than truthful and this is a major concern for me and for the ones I love. As I am sure it is for you. The Bible teaches us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves and in order to do this we have to have the truth.

First and foremost – Get right with the Father. There is nothing more important in the world other than making sure you have shown Christ to the world and told others about Jesus. Please don’t assume that because you go to church each Sunday that all members of your family are saved. We all have a choice to make and then a life to live out to His glory. (which is not hard to do, not when you really think about it.)

Secondly, with all the things going on and the powers that be thinking they have control over the masses… they are mistaken. The things that are happening in the world will affect us all if we don’t do something. I have noticed there are many of you from other countries and not just America. This has delighted my heart and given me much to think about as I watch the events of the world unfold. I truly think we are much closer to the return of Christ than most want to think but I have not been given a date so I am hoping for His return and planning for the future. One which looks bleak if we sit back and do nothing to change it. This is one of the reasons that I think it is the beast system that is rising out of the sea. All of it is so woven together it is hard to pick a place to start and so sinister that no one believes me when I talk about it. However, if I have eyes and ears from around the world giving me information about what is happening where each of us is… that it would be reliable.

Yes I am interested in the politics but I am more interested in what is happening to the people in different countries, especially my Christian brothers and sisters. I can watch the news all day and not know what is going on around the world. I think about the readers I have and I wonder how much of what I see on the news is real and how much of it is just a lie.

I would love to hear from all of you.

How is it affecting your home and family?

How are all of you holding up where you are?

Is there much persecution of Christians where you are?

With the supply chain issues and everything that has happened since late 2019 and early 2020, How has your country changed?

What are the real life things that are happening in your country?

Are there protests? If so, what are they about?

Are they really doing forced Euthanasia Policies in Canada?

What do the American boarders really look like?

What the heck is going on in California? They seem to be putting out some crazy questionable laws.

How are the food costs?

How are fuel costs and energy costs?

What items are hard for you to come by now?

What is truly happening where you are? Any and all information is appreciated. I would love to know if you guys are well and how the events that are happening now are shaping your lives. I honestly cannot wait to hear from all of you. I am still working on a few things for my podcast and all the ins and outs of it but its coming soon still, Lord willing. I think it would be fun to have a podcast going where I can talk some of this out with all of you and learn how to deal with it all as a Christian. I wait for your responses on pins and needles!

Please feel free to write to me via email at amberpage@tea4twos.com or leave a comment below for more of an open discussion.

helping hands - CLOSLER - CLOSLER

Let’s talk about how all of these things have been impacting our everyday lives. Let’s come together and pray for each other. I am going to be changing the home page up a little and adding a prayer request list. If you have a request and want it put on the wall, let me know and I will put it up for a week. As always, stay peculiar!


  1. I live in California. Gas prices are much better at 4.99/gallon. When it was nearly $7/gallon, it cost $100 to fill up my Camry. We received some money in our savings from the CA, which helped. Grocery prices are much higher. What we paid 4 dollars and now it’s $7. I stay away from processed food and try to make more myself. Crazy laws in California, hmm. They are trying to repeal prop. 47, and reducing the threshold for petty theft and shoplifting from $950 to $400. Which are a vast improvement and increasing penalties. They need to prosecute the thieves and put them in jail. They are working on the encampments situation too. Why, oh, why would someone put their tent along the freeway. But yes, there’s some crazy law too. My community seems to be faring well. God is faithful to our family. We are blessed.

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    • I am so very glad to hear that the price of gas has gone back down over there! That truly does make me happy because they were saying it was going to continue to go higher. My family has gone to cooking a lot of things ourselves as well, I used to be really good about making everything myself so we are going back to that. God has been very good to my family over the years. I too am blessed. More blessed than I deserve. I don’t understand the homelessness in our country. We have a million houses that are empty, jobs to be had and yet, homelessness has increased. I understand there is a lot behind all of it – mostly corruption – and then others choose to be homeless. As for petty theft… we are going to see a lot more of that unfortunately if things don’t turn around. Thank God we have Him in our lives. Thank you for writing as we all enjoy conversation.

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  2. I will be the first! SO shopping is now a beast to be tackled rather than a day free of stress. That has changed. My children are starting to ask what all the war talk on Television and online is all about and we have had to change the way our meals are. Some are less enthusiastic than others. I am among them, I have a passion for cooking all sorts of things for others but I really just want a cracker… maybe some cheese and fruit… a chicken biscuit or two. Anyway, I have a friend of mine that said they don’t know how much longer they are going to last if the food cost and energy costs keep going up. I never thought I would hear anyone say that. What do you mean you will be hungry and possibly starving!? This is becoming the silent truth in a lot of American homes since 2020. We need prayer over here. I can’t wait to hear from the rest of you! I love you through Christ Jesus. Stay peculiar!

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