Never Say Never… Ever!

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Hello brothers and sisters, how are you this fine January day? I am happy to see that the Lord has brought you through another day and back to my random thoughts. I know that there are many things going on and I am blessed to have you visit. I am sorry if my posts have been more random than usual. I ask for your forgiveness and understanding as it is harder than ever for me to concentrate on what i am writing than normal… one of the worst side effects that comes with quitting any addiction.

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Lets take a moment no matter where we are and just praise the Lord for always being with us no matter what is going on in our lives! For all the blessings He showers our lives with, may we have eyes to see them for what they are. Thank you Jesus!

So today is technically day five which is amazing! The Father is doing wonders with me and the Holy Spirit has most definitely been with my family as I ninja kick this habit!

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Day one I drank 1/2 gallon of water.

Day two I crushed it, one whole gallon.

Day three another day crushing it!

Day four I drank another 1/2 gallon.

Day five I have already started on what I will include into my daily amount. I am going for a gallon again!

Along with prayer, which has made all the difference when it came to the fits, water and vitamin C has helped to rid my body of the toxins that I have been flooding my body with.

Vitamin C Overview: Sources, Benefits, & Do You Need to Supplement?

Tomorrow I will be ready to go back to my normal routine. I praise Jesus for the love and patience of my family and I pray the Father will hold me close and keep me from ever going back to such a horrible habit! No I did not go completely cold turkey but I did quit. This was after all the desired end result and the Lord is good and I am living proof that if you surrender to the will of the Father and lean on Him more and more each day… He will lead you through! Hallelujah! Bless the name of the Lord! I still have a long way to go until I am perfect but I don’t mind allowing the Lord to shape me the way He wants me.

St Peter & Pauls underground Catholic Church (Coober Pedy) - All You Need  to Know BEFORE You Go

Until the next time I write, I want to give a very loud shout out to the Underground Church! They are asking for prayers of boldness, they need funds and supplies and as always they need people willing to lend a helping hand. May the Lord be with all of them and may He bless the works of their hands! My prayers are with them all! Have a blessed night all and as always, stay peculiar!


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