Special Request

The many homeless – old and new. Don’t be afraid to seek help.

  • For Family and Friends
    • *A sister that is far from home…
    • *children missing their mother…
    • My Foogle Family
    • *A family in turmoil
    • All our children – they are under attack as well
    • Brother Johnathon’s family
    • Jim and Marsha
    • Denver and his family
    • Twisted Luck Truth and family
  • Those Mourning
    • Mr. GentleMoss lost his wife. Please pray for emotional healing.
    • *A close family member lost Grandma. Kiddos are not taking it well…
  • For Provisions
    • *A silent request for a family for food…
    • The tornado victims of January 2023 in America
    • The flood victims in the west side of America
    • The food shortages world over
    • For an online ministry that is starting up
    • Stewart and family
  • Spirit and Body
    • Rebecca requests wisdom and discernment from the Lord.
    • * A sister asks for wisdom, courage and boldness…
    • Mum needs prayer for strength of body and for wisdom and discernment
    • My mamma needs prayer. Cancer and it is everywhere.
    • For our pastor
    • Bonez
    • Jammer
    • Susan H.
    • Bobbie Sue Frye
    • alfred.k.phillips
    • This is Lynndert
  • War Victims
    • Those that took the “science”
    • The innocent loss of life on all fronts

* No names have been used as requested *

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