Hallelujah and Good Morning!

Welcome brother’s and sisters! I pray you are all filled with joy and peace that passes all understanding.

I know it has been a long while since my last real rambling and my first one back seems a bit harsh, rude and rushed… for that I make no apologies. The best way to take a band-aid off is to just rip it off.

However, this post is all about bringing the day in by singing hallelujah to the Lord God above! Please enjoy the song and share it with someone else you know that could use a beautiful song!

I love you all so much in Christ Jesus and until the next time I write… stay peculiar!


I was sent an email about the podcast being removed from WordPress and only being available on Spotify… no more text to speech… Soo I will see how this affects my podcasts. I may do YouTube or maybe just stick with the podcast depending on what they will allow me to do.

Have any of you had to deal with this yet? If so, please give me any thoughts and advice you have on it! I would be blessed to have it. Thank you all in advance, and may the Father bless you and keep you!

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