Adventures in Creation

What would you choose 30 years of life full of adventure or 100 years of  live in safety? - Quora

Hello family, I am so glad you found this page! This year my family has come up with the top things we would like to do before the end of the year. Most of them are normal activities but they are the things we really love to do. As we get them done we will share pictures and funny, traumatic stories with all of you. This is going to be a fun page and I pray each of you will create your own Master List. The point is not going to be to finish but rather to see how many we can get done. Along the way we are going to try to leave random reminders of the Lord’s love to whoever the Lord wants. There are always really interesting ways to let someone know the Lord has their back.

The Master List

  • Hunting
  • Make Mochi
  • Tubing $
  • Ziplining $
  • Swimming
  • Skydiving
  • Hiking
  • Canning
  • Paint War
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Picnic
  • learn to water glass
  • Bubble Blowing Contest
  • photo shoot (kids are the “Pros”)
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Outdoor painting
  • Grilling
  • Build Herb beds
  • Backpacking
  • Shroom Hunting (the normal kind)
  • Rabbit Hutches
  • Weekly Bible Study (or more)
  • Start Podcast
  • Make Smoker
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hide n Go Seek
  • Build Coop
  • Finish Brick Oven
  • Learn ASL
  • Have Tea Time
  • Build raised Garden beds
  • Bush Craft Practice
  • Attend Church
  • Carve Something
  • Get Milk Cow!
  • Go To the Library
  • Yard Sales
  • Create a Family Tree
  • Family Walks
  • Memorize Scripture
  • Volunteer
  • Yard clean up
  • Game nights
  • Movie Nights
  • Slumber Party
  • Scroll saw
  • Stay a week in the”Yurt”
  • Star Gazing
  • Bonfire
  • Eat at the Blue Gill Grill
  • Create a History Timeline

Reading List

  • Proverbs Study
  • The Gospels
  • Mamma Bear Apologetic

Life is a great big Adventure if we are brave enough to live it!

6 Ways to Live a Life of Passion and Adventure Right Now

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4

Hopeful Hikes

  • Old Stone State Park
  • Fall Creek Falls

*** Pictures to Come ***

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