CREATE something beautiful

cute as a button
s’more please

Magical when possible!

First of many blessings
create something yummy – Homemade Sourkroute (or however you spell it)

The Lord is good to all of us in more ways than we understand. What may seem like a trivial thing to me, could be the dream of another. I have lived in seasons of plenty and I have lived in seasons of want.

Fashioned with love

The Lord places all kinds of people in our path over the years. Fathers, mothers, siblings, friends, neighbors, co-workers and strangers. We have a huge responsibility to the ones that we love. They are only ours for so long, cuddle them, love them because all of us pass on.

inspire others to try new things – first time brick laying…very hard work! Unfinished

TASTY all the time…

A melody of flavor
i found the Silver-lining


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