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As I reflected on my life experiences for what I thought was going to be a post, something dawned on me. I could tell you all the ways that the world, the flesh and the devil have come at me. I have dirt on this robe of mine as well as the next human. I could tell you stories about “the good ol’ days” as some call them. However, I refuse to give power to any but the Ancient of Days, His wonderful Son, and His gentle Holy Spirit. I am blessed just because He loves me! Everything else, well that’s just gifts lavished on a blood soaked member of His family!


“Looking back at the pain only causes more pain. Let go and let Me.”


I will say this about my past, I had things happen to me, terrible things. Betrayed by my closest and dearest loved ones and I have been the betrayer. I have done things that compromised my soul and damaged my family. From the very beginning I have been less than perfect and completely stubborn. Most importantly I have done things against a Holy God. I have trampled His good long-suffering grace under my feet for years. I have mocked His seemingly endless mercies. I was anything but a good person, though I thought I was and presented myself as one. Sometimes the past comes up but I don’t live there anymore!


” But then again, who am I to argue, God forgave me! He is the Truth, the Way and the Life. I chose to trust Him”

“God & me”

He came into my life as a Volcano! He broke me and from the ashes is building back something even more beautiful! I chose to believe God, that He IS God first and foremost. That no, I have no idea what I am doing down here nor do I understand all that God is doing BUT I chose to accept that because He is literally the Ultimate Authority, and He gets to decide the rules, He says things must be a certain way. I say “Yes Master!” I know that He knew from the foundation of the world every sin against Him that I was going to commit and He still created me. He came down, became His own creation, lived a sinless life, and died under the full weight of an Almighty Gods wrath towards a sinful world. His own wrath, He took it for us Himself! It still amazes me! He knew we could not live a sinless life and because of His love for us, He came and redeemed us for Himself!

Found me

“Water off a ducks back.”

Amberlea Page

For those who may think my logic is flawed, I truly can’t see how. Something created this, It’s His and He can choose to do with it what He likes. The true miracle is this; that He chose to come after us at all. Jesus truly is the Miracle, and I chose to be a part of that family. I chose to accept that I am a pearl of great price, His bride, His beloved, His! I know He is coming back for His church.

That’s it, that is how the Lord took a grossly prodigal, worldly christian and turned her around. I was a long time ago a child of wrath but God in His mercy saved me from myself! There is nothing to say about who I was before Jesus except use my experiences to help guide others seeking freedom in Jesus. I pray we are all a light in a dark world and we give God the glory for all the good we have in our lives and are able to do for others. I truly love all of you!

Hallelujah, glory be to God!

“Better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.”

Dr. Voddie Baucham


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